All You Need To Know About Asbestos Removal


The building boom of the late 19th century saw much work being undertaken in the construction industry at a time where saving money was paramount. It was at this time when asbestos became very popular owing to its economical nature which allowed the building of new houses.

Like many materials, advancements and knowledge has since been gathered. What was deemed safe and practical a previous couple of centuries ago, certainly doesn’t apply in the modern age. Research discovered that the mineral led to the risk of several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Buildings still containing the material are well advised to get in touch with specialist teams able to carry out asbestos removal in Perth, as the mineral was banned from further use in Australia from December 2003 including export and import. Getting in an expert and professional company is essential with laws stating the proper procedures must to be adhered to when carrying out its removal.

The practice must be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified person who ensures the health and safety of the workers working on the job, with that boss likely to be an employee of the company carrying out the task.

The benefits of this are immense, as they will be part of a firm with at least a couple of decades of experience who will have been contracted to complete many similar jobs, from which they will have gained vast experience.

It has strict regulations for very good reasons, as it is a highly skilled job with trained technicians being required while wearing specialist safety equipment. Asbestos is likely to be removed from such areas as roofs, or from pipe and boiler lagging, using the highest calibre vacuum machinery to suck up any dangerous dust to carry out the works quickly and safely.

This is because bonded asbestos which was formerly used in such lagging can easily break up into powder with minimal contact, leading to poisoning if inhaled and digested. Owing to such danger, detailed plans must be put in place before any work can begin by only those carrying a government license. Professionals with this skill are well versed in the exact procedure of how to safely dispose of the materials.

Calling in a licensed company with vast experience is the perfect solution to ensure that the removal of asbestos is carried out legally and with a minimum of fuss.

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