Whenever a large indoor space needs to be illuminated, high bay lighting is usually appropriate. Consider spaces like manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories, and more; these facilities are typically vast and cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. This requires powerful lighting to provide the appropriate foot-candle levels to adequately illuminate. High bay lighting fixtures typically hang from the ceiling via hooks, chains, or pendants, or they may be fixed to the ceiling directly (similar to troffer lights). The image above features high bay lighting in action. We through this article are about to know LED high bay manufacturer. Through this article people can easily know details about high bay lighting.

What Applications Benefit From High Bay Lighting

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • School and university gymnasiums
  • Commercial applications like department stores
  • Municipal facilities like community centers or recreation centers

Why Choose LED High Bay Lights Instead Of Other Conventional High Bay Lights?

Historically, various lighting technologies were and they still are used in warehouse and industrial settings when high bay lights were required. Some of the most common include metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), and fluorescent. While each of these bulbs have their merits, industrial LED lighting outperforms its conventional counterparts in important ways. Let us now take a look at some of the various considerations when deciding whether an LED retrofit is appropriate for your warehouse or industrial space.

  • Industrial LED lighting vs metal halide high bay lights: If you have ever been to a ballgame, you’ve likely seen metal halide illuminating the field. MH lamps are common in sporting and warehouse/industrial uses and as well as any setting where large, high spaces need to be illuminated. Benefits of MH lights include decent color rendering and comparatively adequate foot-candle levels as opposed to other types of conventional and commercial LED Light bulbs.