Discover the Beauty of Period-Authentic Peak District Cottages


It is fair to say that the Peak District is home to some of England’s most beautiful landscapes, a true testament to “England’s mountains green.” The long stretches of rolling green hills and verdant landscape make it a must-see area for those looking to take in the natural beauty of Britain at its best.

What’s more, the Peak District was indeed the home of or provided the setting for some of Britain’s peak writers and their literary masterpieces. It is here that Jane Austen sets Pemberley in her immortal romance and satire Pride and Prejudice, while George Eliot utilised the region to express the realities of everyday life in her masterpiece Middlemarch. Jean-Jacques Rousseau spent time on holiday here, as did Roald Dahl nearly a century and a half later. D.H. Lawrence lived for several years of his literary life in a Peak District cottage.

What better way to visit the Peak District today than in beautiful holiday cottages in the picturesque Peak District? Peak District cottages are among the most popular holiday options for those looking to soak up the area’s literary history and natural beauty in as authentic a manner as possible.

So, what should you look for when booking your own authentic Peak District holiday cottage?

Location, Location, Location

The setting of a work is one of its most important features, and the same holds true with respect to determining the best place to stay whilst on holiday. When staying in a Peak District cottage, you want to strike a balance between being out in all that natural beauty and being within walking or at least driving distance of some of the region’s most famous and popular sites. The best such cottages strike a perfect balance in this respect, allowing you to take in the lush verdant landscape of the area while still being close enough to the estates and literary, historical, and cultural sites which make Peak District vacations so popular.

Authenticity Versus Modern Amenities

You’ll also want to be mindful of striking a balance between authenticity and wanting modern amenities in your cottage. Even the most ardent Austen or Eliot fan probably isn’t willing to live with the dirt floors and lack of running water which characterised cottages in the 19th century. That said, part of the magic of visiting the Peak District and staying in a cottage is in making the past come alive again.

The best holiday cottages in the area strike a perfect balance, offering the architectural authenticity and as much interior semblance of period cottages as possible while still offering WIFI, heating, and other modern amenities.

Pets and Parking

Are you driving to the Peak District? Are you taking a pet? Then you’re in luck – the best Peak District cottages offer accommodations for pets, as well as parking options without the latter disrupting the authenticity of the cottage sites themselves.

Experience the beauty and literary connections of the Peak District with lovely picturesque period-authentic holiday cottages.

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