Fun Family Activities When You Visit Phuket


When you take your family on holiday to Phuket, there are lots of things to see and do when you visit that will help to ensure that you have a fantastic holiday in the Land of Smiles. If you are your family are planning on a trip here and are looking at what you want to do when you are there, below are some of the best tours and activities available. Work out what you want to see and do before you get there and you can maximise your experience and help to make sure that you have a holiday that none of you will forget.

Phuket Trickeye Museum

A visit to the Phuket Trickeye Museum is a fun-filled activity for all the family to enjoy, with the many different interactive 3D displays and optical illusions. There are over one hundred displays that you can explore when you visit, and it is an excellent way to spend a few hours in the air conditioning, which is always good when it is hot outside.

A Tour Of The Islands

A Phuket island family tour should be high on your agenda of things to do when you visit Phuket. You and your family can go as part of an organised tour, or charter a private boat, and explore all the islands that are around Phuket. There are lots of opportunities to get out and explore the islands and go snorkelling in the sea, which will make for a fantastic day out for all the family.

Surf House Phuket

Many people love the water but do not like the sea, and if this is the case for you or someone in your family, then a visit to Surf House Phuket is an excellent choice. You can enjoy the thrill of surfing without being in the open sea and wondering what lurks beneath you in the water. It is suitable for all ages, and you can enjoy a visit here no matter what the weather.

Give An Elephant A Bath

Several animal sanctuaries in Phuket offer an ethical animal experience when you visit them, and what better animal to interact with than elephants? You can get collected from your accommodation and transported to the park where you will get to learn a lot about these fascinating animals. As well as getting to observe them, you can also interact with them by feeding them, as well as staking them to the river and bathing them.

These are a few of the things that you can do in Phuket, which will help to ensure that you have an incredible family holiday in Phuket, but there are plenty more besides. Use websites such as or Trip Advisor and plan your activities before you get there.

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