Having to overvalue hands in poker


Situs poker online make players at times start to overvalue their hands, especially the newbie on the game. One of the reasons why player play several hands is because of thinking very high of the hands which are not quite great. It is something that is quite common to overvalue hands just because you have an ace it or some other pairs.

Though the ace is a good card, but to start with such a hand like an ace and a five or an ace with a six are not that strong. The same applies to pairs which are low. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to play such hands but it is necessary to recognize that they are not very strong as  you might be thinking.

To overvalue hands is not limiting only before a flop. You don’t have to assume that you are currently in a good shape just because you have a pair on the flop, or because you have two pairs that come after a river. It is possible to be ahead of the rest but you might as well go behind as easily as you came in front.

You might find it very easy to make judgment which is well informed regarding what the opponent could be having when you begin to play, but as a newbie this is something that you have to think about.

 Before you start to raise or to call a bet, you should try thinking of what the card that your opponent might be having which they can use to beat you. Make it upon yourself to be disciplined when playing so that you don’t mess up by having to overvalue your cards because if you do that, chances are that, you are going to lose greatly.

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