Industrial Ethernet Switches & Why You Should Be Using Them.


If you are unfamiliar with Ethernet switches then you should know that they have an excellent reputation and they are a fantastic alternative to power over Ethernet switches. The reason why they are used more often is that they work incredibly well in conditions that can only be described as harsh. They can also be used in many applications outdoors, in industrial facilities and also in manufacturing plants where there is exposure to really high levels of vibration.

They are used extensively in such industries as rail, marine and others. They are used in the oil and gas and mining industry and in an atmosphere where explosives are used regularly, these switches just take it all in their stride. These same switches are perfect for manufacturing plants and they provide the perfect Ethernet solution. If you would like to know more about the benefits of using industrial Ethernet switches and why you should be using them then maybe the following can illuminate you.

  • They have high average ratings – It is not unknown for PLCs to reach really high-temperature settings and these switches can work in this environment for example industrial switches can operate up to 85°C and they can self-cool themselves and equally generate heat if it is in a really cold environment. This means that there is no need to build enclosures that need to be climate controlled and so this helps to reduce your costs considerably.
  • They are very durable – These particular switches are immune to water as well as lightning. They do not control as easily and they are built to withstand various shocks and vibrations and they don’t come loose. They can also be used in areas where high traffic is occurring and also where explosions are taking place.
  • A cost-effective solution – These same switches have a service life of about one decade or more and in the case of certain switches, they come with a lifetime warranty. If you compare this to a standard switch which only lasts about three years, there is a significant amount of money to be saved and this helps to reduce your operating costs.

Hopefully, these three excellent reasons have convinced you as a business owner that industrial Ethernet switches are the right way to go every single time. Everyone knows that if you buy quality materials that they are going to provide you with a quality job and these same rules apply here.

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