Know these facts before flying to New York City 


We know the globe isn’t at its good state due to the fatal COVID-19 and so is the New York City (NYC). Let us all together wish for the city’s sooner recovery and the New Yorkers’ healthy life as soon as possible so that we can again fly and roam as free birds in this amazing city.

In these hard times when every one of us needs to stay confident & hopeful remembering how this ageless city has surpassed all the difficult times in the past would help us reinstate hope. The city of New York has to its credit many firsts and interesting facts that no other city probably has. That’s the reason it’s the most loved after and visited city both in the US & world.

Before flying to NYC here are those facts that are exclusive for the city which one should know:

  • The city apart from being called the New York City also has 10 other names like the Gotham, the Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps and so on.
  • Times Square before 1904 was called ‘Longacre Square’. It got its present name when Times moved to the place and started ‘The New York Times’.
  • Most of the New Yorkers depend on pizzas and deem it as the ready-to-eat food. Why not? After all, this is the city that housed the United States’ first-ever pizzeria- Lombardi’s that was thrown open to the public in 1895.
  • Do you know NYC is not only the city for music, parties, tourism, this, that and so on? The city is also culturally rich and linguistically diverse. Over 800 languages are presently spoken in this city.
  • To many of us, Tower Bridge in London is the oldest bridge, but it isn’t. Brooklyn Bridge in NYC is the oldest.
  • Have you ever been to NYC? Don’t worry, if not you can give your visit once the situation gets normal. And if it’s from Vancouver it is much simpler. Just click the below link:

However, once you reach the city make sure you don’t honk too much as horn honking is illegal in the city!

  • Which is the first capital of America? Without any second thought, your answer would be Washington D.C., but it isn’t and the first capital was NYC. Sounding new, but it’s the hard truth.
  • The city doesn’t only see tens of new visitors every second but also gives birth to a child every 4.4 minutes.
  • The Statue of Liberty doesn’t originally belong to America and was gifted by France in 1886.
  • We all know that Albert Einstein’s eyes and brain are preserved but do you know where they are stored. It is in this city.
  • People in the city are permitted to be topless. Since 1992 the city has allowed roaming freely to foster gender equality.
  • If you’re a vivid reader then this city is the best place to spend your life. The New York City library, which is the 2nd largest library in the US and 3rd largest in the world has over 50 million books.
  • The Empire State Building, which is the most visited site in the city, is always hit by lightning. Every year the building is hit with terrifying lightings that count to about 23 to 25.
  • Do you know why NYC is linguistically rich because it welcomes every person irrespective gender, caste, region and ethnicity? Here are a few facts about its ethnic diversity:
  • Outside Israel, Jewish people are mostly found in this city.
  • Chinese next to Asian nations & China are highly present here.
  • Same is the case with the Puerto Rican population, it houses more than any other city in the globe.
  • While roaming without clothing is ok farting in churches or any other religious services is an offence so be careful.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank in NYC is believed to be the biggest gold storage across the world. The bank has over 7,000 tons of gold deposits stored 80-feet underneath the ground.
  • The city has globe’s first underground park called The Lowline which is present on West Side of Manhattan.
  • This is the city that shelters most of the North American birds. Out of 800 recognized birds, 275 are found here.
  • NYC provides shelter to over 8 million Americans which means out of every 38 US people, 1 is from this bubbly city.

Aren’t these facts unique and limited to New York City? Yes, indeed they are and that’s why let’s wish and pray for this city a quicker recovery.

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