It’s the weekend and a chance to head to watch your local cricket team, where you catch up with your regular mate for a good chat over a few cold beers while watching the players perform. Your friend has a factory, and you love to hear his stories.

He is a good bloke, but sometimes he acts before he thinks, with sometimes hilarious consequences. Well, they are funny to you. He has finally sorted out the approach and car park to his premises after a shambolic performance that cost him time and money.

You had suggested he go to one of the asphalt companies Brisbane advertised, but he knew better as he and a couple of volunteers from his workforce tried to fill in potholes and cracked concrete themselves. In fairness, he was trying to listen to customers fed up with a bumpy ride each time they visited, but he went about it the wrong way. Inevitably, the problem soon recurred.

If he had listened to your advice and gone to the right company, which carried years of experience, they would have sorted out the problem and saved time and money, plus plenty of ridicule. They offered numerous references from satisfied clients, having completed many jobs in the commercial sector which included laying asphalt surfaces around shopping centres, as well as creating perfect surfaces for school playgrounds, public buildings, as well as improving the surrounds to apartments as well as at other factories.

The reason for their success has been the use of asphalt, which can last a couple of decades. Such a longevity means that it proves to be excellent value for money as confidence will be spread throughout both employees and your friend’s customer base as they arrive on a smooth surface which will immediately put them in a good frame of mind. Likewise, employees now realise that their boss cares about their welfare too.

The surface was ready for use within a few days, which was a quicker result than concrete, which could have taken up to a week with the inconvenience of cordoned off areas during business hours. He has the peace of mind in knowing that any repairs can be completed easily and cost effectively.

Your friend got there in the end, eventually realizing that asphalt was the ideal solution to his surface woes and that bringing in a specialist team to lay it saved him time and money.